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Notice about Stiga Trophy

logo-2014 cancelledStiga Trophy was created and organized as a 4x4 international competitions - as one of the NEZ 4x4 Championship event with a wide range of international renown... But the Latvian Trophy raid commission, planning next year's race calendar, decided that the NEZ Championship status deserves another organizer... It appears that either the Trophy raid commission's judgment and at the same time the vision of the future...

Due to the decision of the Commission, on behalf of our team informed that Stiga Trophy race will no longer be held.

With the situation I wanted to thank our partners - production support and media partners, also Alūksnes and Apes territory governments and, of course, thanks to participants, why all these things were created and developed!

Finally, my favorite quote from the Dalai Lama: "Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful success!" :)

Happy upcoming holidays to everyone!

Evita Ruzane
Rekuss Racing Team

Stiga Trophy 2013 results

Official Stiga Trophy 2013 results - Sport, Tourism



STIGA TROPHY 2013 awards



In order to exacerbate competition and boost sportsmen spirit, we will little reveal and tell what kind of awards are waiting for winners of Stiga Trophy 2013!

Big thank you from race organizers crew we say to both biggest suppliers of awards:

Meža un dārza tehnikas veikalam "SILS" and

4x4 auto rezerves daļu un aprīkojuma veikalam "ATA SERVISS"!

With support of shop "ATA Serviss" Stiga Trophy 2013 in award fund many valuable awards have been reached: starting from 4x4 accessories, hive kits, up to many T-Max Hi-jacks, compressors and even three TOP prizes - T-Max 9500 electrical winches with remote control!!



Sports groups (TR1, TR2, TR3, Open, ATV sport): Registration, Thursday, August 1, 19:00 – 23:00 Aluksne, Rupniecibas Street 8 F; coordinates: N 57'25,713 / E 27'01,389.

Competition Base camp:  Trapene parish, base camp "Luksti", coordinates: N 57'25,667 / E 26'41,931.

Other participants classes: Mud Eagle, Tourist and Trucks — registration will be held in base "Luksti" (further information can be found in Regulations)


Audience, see you:

Friday, August 2: Aluksne, Rupniecibas Street 2k

Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4: Trapene parish, base center "Luksti"

Further information on process can be found in Race program.

Within STIGA TROPHY 2013 mud running competition will take place!

4x4 44mm


Under positive experience of Rugaju Trophy 2013 and audience responses for new invention – mud race competition, we are proud to announce that also in Trapene STIGA TROPHY 2013 mud race will take place where everyone present will be able to take part!


Dublu skrejiens Dublu skrejiens 3
Dublu skrejiens 1 Dublu skrejiens 2

Plan of day:

03.08.2013. Read more

Auto categories

TR1Stiga Trophy 2013 competition during three days will take place in a total of eleven categories!

We offer a short insights about all the represented categories. Read more

STIGA TROPHY 2013 program

Friday, August 2:

City stage for all sport categories (TR1, TR2, TR3, Open) and ATV categories, in Aluksne, Rupniecibas street 2k

  • 13.00-16.00 – off-road agility driving competition
  • 16.00-21.00 – Aluksne city off-road mud laps competition
  • Free entrance for audience! Read more

New video Stiga Trophy 2013 is coming...

Video may be seen here:

For STIGA TROPHY competition crew from Czech Republic has applied!


As you may have noticed, some time ago to participants list of Stiga Trophy 2013 sixth flag of participant has applied - Czech Republic!

Jarek Bednář and Jiří Jarolímek – sportsmen from Czech trophy raid very soon will visit in Latvia and will take part in Stiga Trophy prototype group TR3 with this Toyota BJ73...













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4x4sport_lv Harijs Sils ceļo. Skaisti!
4x4sport_lv Daudz laimes, Latvija!! ;)
4x4sport_lv Noteikti noskaties! :) Lielisks promo video "made by @mareksivans" par Trofi reidu braucējiem E.Vansoviču / A.Melni
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